Cleaning has always been our passion. At ColorWash, we’ve always been driven to provide professional quality care for handbags and shoes. We prided ourselves on maintaining our stringent professional standards for bag care.

Over the years, we realised that customers were also looking for a dry cleaning company with the same high standards as ColorWash, but for their clothing. Traditionally, dry cleaning has always involved a chemical called “perchloroethylene” or “perc” for short. While effective, perc is a known carcinogen and is classified as toxic waste, as well as being a ground water contaminent, meaning it’s not only harmful to our bodies, but also pollutes our water supply.

Vivaglo was born out of an idea to provide professional dry cleaning, which is safe and non-toxic to our bodies and the environment. Vivaglo specializes in high quality professional garment care and believes that our customers have the right to make informed decisions about dry cleaning clothing without the use of toxic chemicals.

The inspiration to provide a safe dry cleaning service took us to Europe where we sourced leading edge German technology which can deliver on professional dry cleaning results without compromising on what we believe in. We specialize in professional care for materials including cotton, silk, linen, leather and suede. Our passion lies in delivering a personalized, hand finished dry cleaning service for your clothing, to complement your everyday life.

Vivaglo is dry cleaning, redefined.

Safe on sensitive & Eco-friendly

No Nasty
Toxic Chemicals

Pure Reserve
Osmosis Water

Hand Finishing

& Suede

Leading Edge
German Technology

Our mission is to educate customers about the dangers of toxic chemicals which are being widely used in dry cleaning in Indonesia and some which are banned in other countries. We’d like to redefine your perception about dry cleaning.